XO ... a « day-boat » performing and simple.
Modern lines and a wide cockpit.


The program … XO-Classic for whom ?

Hull and deck are built in carbone. Customize it using exotic woods, convert your own XO-Classic in an unique boat. It’s the strength our concept: an eXclusive-Offer for a tailor-made boat!

L’harmonie recherchée entre des lignes modernes, une large touche boisée et chaleureuse en font un voilier vif, élégant et convivial.

Construction allows for customisation with nice wooden parts resulting in a unique boat. This becomes an “eXclusive Offer”.

Her bow with strained and fine water inlets make her an excellent boat passing in the wave up-winds, while her flat stern ensures optimal glide and makes her ready for speedy surfing down-winds. Her reasonable wetted surface makes her agile in the light winds. Her light weight, which is the result of a high-tech glass epoxy sandwich structure made by infusion, enables nice performance, providing similar thrill to a regatta boat.

The large cockpit offers a beautiful living space for the crew. The optimised cabin provides the right comfort.

Building materials

Our solution is a combination of the most appropriate materials and techniques ranging from carbon to wood through the glass epoxy sandwich by infusion.

Without compromising on quality, a significant improvement in weight and cost has been reached.


The design is the work of architect Paolo Bua, designer of other successful yachts such as Leggero L8, the StarTruc, Rosso and Share 28 640. With Italian style and elegance.
Her sharp bow is characterized by its inverted form; her spayed stern helps surfing by downwind.


Upwind and downwind by breezes and light winds she procures fine steering pleasure. The displacement / sail surface ratio gives her stiff boat canvas behaviour. Her minimum wetted surface yields velocity in light airs. Her broad stern helps surfing; her inverted and sharp bow provides beautiful performance upwind.

XO-Racer Features

The design of highly technical boat

can satisfy the highest demands for performance and designs