Features XO-Racer

XO-Racer... on a glass epoxy and carbon base,
molded under infusion.


The construction  technique is very simple and robust. The characteristics are defined by the “Class XO-Racer”



  • Overall length 6,45m
  • Bau maximum 2,5m
  • Weight 450 kg including ballast of 180 kg

Sail plan

  • 8/10 with GV to 22m2 horn 11m2 jib, asymmetric spinnaker zero code 20m2 and 50m2 leading to the search for . High performance


  • Bulb  keel with a draft of 2.0 m or liftable Naca keel  with a draft   min / max. 0.50 / 2.00 m


Glossy painted aluminum, or carbon carbon HM (high modulus)

Engine : outboard

  • electric
  • Thermal
  • Removable outboard bracket


Customized with simulated render for the hull, deck, cockpit, spars.


With he combination of low weight and lifting keel the  XO racer a very easy boat to move on a conventional trailer. With the carbon mast option, it can be rigged without a crane.


  • Easy trailering with only 450 kg total weight  and its liftable keel


  • Three lifting chainplates for craning
  • Launchable with the trailer with the lifting keels
  • Rigging without crane with the option of a carbon mast.


Easy , by hand , with the Naca fully liftable keel in its keel box.